Here you will find recommended reading and sources for royalty-free music.

Recommended Reading

Here are some of the books I recommend to students during the courses.
They no longer link to Amazon as I have closed my Associate account 

Royalty-Free Music

I recommend that practitioners use royalty-free music during their treatment sessions and here are a few of the sources I have found.  They vary in price depending on the nature of the licence purchased.

Please note: I do not have any affiliation with these composers or providers of royalty-free music and do not receive any remuneration for putting this information on my website. It is for informational purposes only.

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Reiki Sound Essence by Aroshanti

Three tracks lasting just over an hour.


Aroshanti offers 2 licence options - Practitioner & Royalty-Free

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Reiki Relaxation by Aroshanti

Twelve 5-minute tracks, totalling one hour of music.


The best option is the Practitioner licence.

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Tao Relaxation by Aroshanti

Seven tracks with running time of just over 46 minutes.


Practitioner licence is free and related to purchases

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Zen Relaxation by Aroshanti

Seven tracks with running time of just over 57 minutes.


Practitioner licence available for CDs & MP3 downloads only

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Rob Hulford

This UK composer offers a choice of 12 60-minute tracks with a choice of two licenses. A Standard License track is £15 and an Enhanced License track is £20.

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Enlightened Audio

Australian Christopher Lloyd Clarke's website.  He has a wealth of music on this site, however it is more expensive as a very comprehensive licence is included.  Also offers a discount scheme.

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iChill Music

One of the cheaper options, with a wide range of music.  Available as CDs, MP3 downloads, web player and an App for streaming. Personally I'm not so keen on the music on this site but it's a great place to start.

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Alpha Music

John Levine's website where he has a special offer for therapists. You purchase a licence annually and every time you renew you can have a free CD.